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Frank Gada


Working with plants was my first passion, not the leafy, typical household varieties, but those of a thorny nature. Yes, Cactus Plants! This began as a hobby but when I took over all the windowsills in the house, there was no where else to go. That's when I asked my Father to design a greenhouse for me out of old glass storm windows. Putting this together was a simple task for him, as he was an accomplished carpenter.

Today, Sonny (Frank Gada) has been a floral designer for more than 30 years. He is an award-winning floral designer who lives in Chatham, MA, a charming town on Cape Cod. For several years, Sonny has been invited to participate in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts yearly event,

"Art in Bloom" where his floral arrangements have been featured.

A teacher and lecturer, Sonny brings a unique approach to floral arranging, focusing on natural objects and found treasures to create exciting and novel floral pieces. He approaches floral arranging as an art, and all nature becomes his palette.


The star of his own access TV show on Cape Cod Community Media, Channel 17, Sonny has presented shows on Shakespeare's Flowers, Pitcher This, Wreaths, Shells and seasonal arrangements on his well received half-hour show, Sonny's Floral Trends.


You can visit his website ..Sonny's Floral Trends 

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