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The WDGC cleaned out and replanted the front boxes at DCAL then relaxed after their hard work. The members who worked on the project were: Nancy Keefe, Jeanne Roberts , Peggy Gillis, Carol St. Onge, Anne Cave, Deb Olesky and her friend, Pat.


Thank you for doing such a great job!

IMG_9890 (1).jpg
IMG_9892 (1).jpg

The club donated these flower boxes and members planted them and they are in front of DCAL

Flower Boxes (3).JPG
Flower Boxes (1).JPG
Flower Boxes (4).JPG

This library, located inside the door at DCAL,  was donated by the club as a place for people to obtain and exchange seeds for their gardens

Flower Boxes (7).JPG
Flower Boxes (6).JPG
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