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Our  Mission and Causes 

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Established in 1924, the West Dennis Garden Club provides a common meeting ground for those interested in all aspects of gardening.  The Club is active in improving the appearance of our community and promoting the conservation and preservation of our natural beauty and resources.


It also supports a number of charitable causes, which are described below.



Each year, West Dennis Garden Club awards a $1,500 scholarship to a high school student from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School or Cape Cod Regional Technical High School.  These students pursue degrees in horticulture, environmental or agricultural studies or related fields.


A second $1,000 memorial scholarship, sponsored by the West Dennis Garden Club and funded by the Dorothy Trapp family, is selected based on criteria outlined by the family.


A third $1,000 toolship is awarded to a student of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School or Cape Cod Regional Technical High School who plans to pursue a career in landscaping or related field.




The West Dennis Garden club supports the Needy Family Fund, which was created some years ago to help a family in need during the holiday season.  The money that is raised is donated to a family with a student who attends the Ezra Baker Elementary School in West Dennis.  The family is chosen by the school.


Monthly donations are also made to the Family Pantry in Harwich.


The Garden Club also donates carnations to Meals on Wheels during the holidays.




The Garden Club cares for the Memorial Garden at Jericho and the West Dennis Graded Schoolhouse gardens.  Care consists of planting, watering, and weeding the gardens throughout the summer months.


The Garden Club provides floral arrangements for the Dennis Center for Active Living throughout the year.

All of these causes are funded by the Garden Club’s annual Plant and Yard Sale, held each spring, and an Apple Pie Sale held each fall.  Additional donations are welcomed and much appreciated. You may make a general donation or choose which cause you would like to support.

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